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Client Testimonials

Our insurance advisors take great pride in our client testimonials.

For the finest, fastest, most efficient service from knowledgeable people you MUST see Harold Newbill and his professional associates. Insurance sales and service at its finest.

Roy W.

Citrus Heights, CA

Harold and his staff helped me get a better policy more coverage at a better rate for a commercial building. For fast efficient service Harold is the guy.
Thank you.

Chris L.

Sacramento, CA

Harold is an incredible service provider and the best at what he does. Having worked with him as my family has continued to grow and change he has always made sure that the right pieces are in place at the right time at the best cost. I value and trust his judgment as an expert in the field and know when he makes a recommendation it comes with experience, research and looking out for mine, my family’s, and my previous business’s best interests.

Matthew K. Weiner

Director VMware, Sacramento, CA

I am extremely delighted and grateful to have Harold as my Insurance Agent. “While you hope never to have to use your insurance, it sure is nice to have it when necessary.”

This is how I felt when my house was broken into the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. It was terrifying to see all my belonging thrown around the house with many of them missing. My first call was to Harold. He came over right away. As both my friend and my insurance agent, Harold helped me stay calm and look around. He is an expert and helped me understand the procedures and various rules on stolen goods. Thankfully Harold had encouraged my husband to get extra insurance on my jewelry. Due to this, I was able to get 100% of my missing jewelry covered, which would not have happened without the extra insurance on the policy. Together Harold and I made a list of all that was stolen. McClatchy was very easy to work with. With just a little paperwork, I was reimbursed for my lost belongings and was able to put my home back together.

I highly recommend Harold and his company. I don’t know what I would have done without him.

Julie Willsie

Sacramento, CA

I really like Harold. He’s a good insurance broker and a good person, I currently have more than 10 policy with his company and would recommend him to any person needing insurance services.

Danile Ramsey

Chief Talent Officer - MyOutDesk.com, Sacramento, CA

I have known Harold all of his life. I have had my insurance with McClatchy for over 30 years. I am thrilled he has bought the business from his father and will bring his innovative ideas to McClatchy Insurance.

Lilllian Fulton

Realtor, Sacramento, CA

Being a business owner, I know value when I see it! The complete package is what you will get with Harold at McClatchy Insurance. He is always professional, timely and by far, the best insurance agent in Sacramento. I have been a client for 15 years and cant imagine that anyone else can provide such personalized service. Thank you Harold

Steve Morrow

Capitol Collision Center Inc., Sacramento, CA

Harold is very detail-oriented, and has a wealth of knowledge in the insurance industry. He has surrounded himself with a highly competent and attentive staff, and has done a great job with my company’s insurance needs.

Jim Wardlow

All Pro Attorney Services, Sacramento, CA

I have worked very closely with Harold for the past couple years. I am very impressed with his level of expertise and have every confidence that clients will be well served.

John Signorotti

Signator Investments, Inc., Sacramento, CA

Harold and his organization are some of the most professional, well-trained insurance people in the industry. You couldn’t ask for a better business and personal relationship than the one Harold and his people will provide!

Mike Young

Mycomm Inc., Sacramento, CA

Harold is a person with whom you want to conduct business. He’s knowledgeable, pleasant, and works hard. I’ve known Harold for years through our membership and active participation in the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of California (IIABCal). We have also worked on projects together.

Rich Hallock

The Greenspan Co., San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Dick has been the most effective insurance agent we’ve used thus far. In our line of business it is often when we’ve imposed on him timelines that are nearly impossible. Not sure how he does it every time but he pulls through whenever we’re in a jam and need insurance within the hour.

I would recommend Dick Lemon to all of my friends or collegues who are looking for a dependable and knowledgeable insurance agent. He’s the master at his trade!

Tiffiny Ruegner

Director of Field Operations; Our Country Deserves Better PAC, Sacramento, CA

I've coordinated my auto and renter's insurance with Harold and McClatchy Insurance since January 2015. Harold and his staff personally took the time to sit down with me, assess my risk tolerance, and make strong personalized recommendations based on my current lifestyle. I feel very fortunate to have a personalized connection with an agent of his knowledge, experience, and dependability and would recommend his company to anyone looking for the same.

Trevor D.

Sacramento, CA

Currently, I have my homeowners’ insurance for my personal residence and my rentals with Harold as well as he secured flood insurance for all of them. He doesn’t just contact me once a year to renew. He keeps in contact with me so we can have a dialogue about how I’m doing, if I have any changes, and if he can be of any further service. If your insurance agent is just doing the bare minimum, you might think about calling Harold to review your current situation.

Lisa Ollar

Owner of MOA Deposition Reporters, Sacramento, CA

If you are looking for a local insurance company you can trust look no further. Harold Newbill and his agents are top-notch professionals. You will always get an honest answer and above all they are very competitive. I would recommend any small business to call them first for a quote.

Veronika M.

Business Consultant, Sacramento, CA

Great customer service!!! McClatchy Insurance Agency saved me about 400.00 the first year I switched to them. The team of people here really know what they are doing. We increased my coverage with less money. I was with Allstate before for over 22 years. I am super happy with McClatchy and I would recommend you give them an opportunity to quote your insurance needs.

Tony V.

Owner, Waste Removal & Recycling, Sacramento, CA

I highly recommend Harold's business as a full-service insurance provider. Harold and his staff have extensive knowledge in the business backed up by many years of experience. Harold, personally cares about his clients. I like working with him because he gives his individual attention to each and every client of his which is huge in the era of the virtual world.

Litsa P.

Real Estate Investor, Folsom, CA

I had my business insurance with other companies for decades. I had no problems with them; however, I didn’t really have a relationship with them either. I put my business insurance in Harold’s hands. He asked me hard questions that I didn’t know the answers to. I didn’t have all the coverage I needed. I was paying too much for some aspects of coverage. Once again, he provided more coverage and saved me money. He’s honest and he’s a man you can trust.

Lisa Ollar

Owner of MOA Deposition Reporters, Sacramento, CA

Harold has been extremely knowledgeable and efficient in all that our company has had him handle for us. We are now covered at a great rate, and have a knowledgeable staff behind us if we ever have concerns! Highly recommended!

Ashley T.

Sacramento, CA

I have worked with Harold for the past several years, I have worked on several different projects with his staff and I find all them to be professional and informative. They have always put the client’s needs above all else. They provide the service and types of homeowners’ insurance that the other “bigger” companies cannot provide along with hands on help and advice for making the right decisions about protecting your home and personal property!

Troy B.

Mortgage Broker, Sacramento, CA

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