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McClatchy Insurance Advisors

Our McClatchy Insurance Advisors have decades of experience serving the business community in the Sacramento area—an experience we leverage every day. We are a full-service agency and offer commercial, business and personal insurance solutions that include commercial property, workers’ compensation, homeowners’, auto insurance and much more. We consider each of our clients as unique. We see price only as something you pay, value is something you get. We direct our focus on tailoring coverage that is focused on our clients’ desired results.

Harold Newbill

Harold Newbill

Insurance Advisor - License #0E59355

Harold specializes in commercial property, professional liability, and other business insurance programs. He believes that assessing risks is the most valuable service he brings to his clients. A leader in the Navy, Harold prides himself in setting a good example as a lifelong learner.

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Dick Lemon

Dick Lemon

Insurance Advisor - License #0A53400

Dick brings decades of experience as an agent and broker to his clients. He works closely with the local business community, helping his clients find comprehensive and customized insurance solutions—whether it is protecting their family, business or investments.

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William Newbill

William Newbill

Insurance Advisor - License #0684845

As the founder of McClatchy Insurance Agency, Bill has been in the business since 1968. With this in-depth industry knowledge, he specializes in commercial property, professional liability as well as tailored business and personal insurance solutions.

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Our Wonderful Service Team

Debra Coleman

License #0K31140

Commercial Lines Service

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Diane Law, CISR

License #0B46658

Commercial Lines Service

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Valerie Vincent

License #0D40925

Personal Lines Insurance Advisor

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Jody Knape

License #0F03112

Commercial Lines Assistant

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Rex Viray

Commercial Lines Assistant / Certificates

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Elisabeth Nidoy

Personal Lines Assistant/Reception

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