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Our insurance advisors take great pride in our client testimonials.

Trustworthy, follow-up when promised, and easily reached with questions.
Billfish Legacy LLC Avatar
Billfish Legacy LLC
The agency demonstrates people skills. The agency demonstrates human kindness with the ability to actively listen to its customers. I have never had to wonder if I would hear back from the agency regarding my concerns. Someone has always responded in a timely manner. The agency is very helpful and strives to make sure that I understand and is satisfied with the subject matter at hand.
Anna H. Avatar
Anna H.
5 star ratingWe have worked with McClatchy Insurance for over 30 years. They have always been very responsive and service oriented. They have looked for the best price combined with excellent service in the carriers they have placed our policies with.
Eric L. Avatar
Eric L.
5 star ratingI love Dick Lemon he is a great person helping me out with my Business insurance he ao experienced and Gives you the best price and awsome coverage kwep it up Guys wish you guys more success

Mohammad Sami N. Avatar
Mohammad Sami N.
5 star ratingThe McClatchy team is always very thorough, educational, and get's you the best quality & price available. I had them shop my E&O insurance last year and they told me they could not beat my current E&O coverage for the price. The entire process was very seamless & smooth and by the end of it I knew I had the best I could get!!

So if you're on the fence about your current insurances and you want to know what your options are, give them a call!
Isaiah S. Avatar
Isaiah S.
5 star ratingI need a business insurance for my company. They are quick and provide a lot of knowledge. Highly recommend them.
Julie V. Avatar
Julie V.
5 star ratingI just wanted to take a minute and let everyone know how awesome Harold and his group are at McClatchy Insurance in taking care of our business insurance needs. They take care of our general liability, garage keepers as well as our workers comp policy. Elisabeth turns around certs of insurance for clients and vendors typically within hours of the request. Dick has been there helping me since the beginning back in 2007, since I started my business as a handyman/home medical device retailer which has morphed into becoming a specialty and general contractor and has helped guide me though the complex world of business insurance. No matter what your insurance needs are, I am sure that Harold and his awesome team at McClatchy insurance will help point you in the right direction!
Chris M. Avatar
Chris M.
5 star ratingBari did a great job getting me the best quote possible for my auto insurance. I was vey happy with that, and Dick got me a great quote and coverage for my general and professional liability insurance. Everyone at McClatchy is diligent and professional in getting clients the most coverage for the best deal.
Age Advantage S. Avatar
Age Advantage S.
5 star ratingTop notch service! Friendly and knowledgeable staff.
allan n. Avatar
allan n.
5 star ratingI can honestly say that getting my two auto, renters and an umbrella policy(s) through McClatchy Ins., was the most enjoyable process I've experienced. I was greeted and offered refreshment (they have chocolate truffles)! The actual cost of my multiple policies is exactly what I was quoted. The policies were issued immediately, which allowed me to contact my "former" insurer and cancel. Seriously, take your declaration pages to McClatchy Insurance and request an insurance review and quote - I received better coverage(s) for less money, and enjoyed the process. Thank you Barri, Harold, Eesa, Helen, Dick, Bill and Emma!
Diana S. Avatar
Diana S.
5 star ratingNot much to say other than they are honest, fair and family owned. I'm not going anywhere else.
Jon Robert Q. Avatar
Jon Robert Q.
5 star ratingDick and his staff have always been available and very aggressive in getting me the best coverage and price for my home and autos. I especially appreciate that a real person always answers the phone and directs me to the right person to take care of my questions and requests. I have been insured with McClatchy for years and never been disappointed.
Bryan B. Avatar
Bryan B.
5 star ratingI have been working with the McClatchy Insurance Agency, specifically with Dick Lemon for about 4 1/2 years and Elisabeth Nidoy for about 1 1/2 years through work. These two people are not only extremely friendly, but very knowledgeable, thorough and quick to respond, which is becoming very rare these days! If we run into issues, Dick explains the situation so I understand and then they move forward and get the job done....and they are 'fun' to work with!
Nan B. Avatar
Nan B.
5 star ratingAfter 25 years with Mercury Insurance and 3 previous attempts over the years to find a more cost effective option, McClatchy Insurance not only lowered my insurance premiums significantly but did it with the kind of customer service we all think went away years ago. It's still alive and well with them. Give them a shot.
John W. Avatar
John W.
5 star ratingHarold Newbill and his McClatchy Insurance team is super knowledgeable and professional. They don't hardsell you on insurance but give you advice so that you can understand your needs and options. As a small business owner, I appreciate this approach. You will be in good hands.
Veronika M. Avatar
Veronika M.
5 star ratingAfter years of being dissatisfied with insurance brokers for one reason or another I found Dick Lemon at McClatchy Insurance. His attention to detail and honest straight forward attitude has been a breath of fresh air into one of my least favorite aspects of being a business owner. I highly recommend Dick and his staff at McClatchy Insurance.
Paul T. Avatar
Paul T.
5 star ratingI have been using McClatchy Insurance for all my insurance needs for approximately five years now. They are consistently responsive and informative, and sell high-quality policies.

When I was thinking about changing insurers due to a price increase, they were able to compare similar products from a variety of companies and provide me with good, well-informed advice about my options. As it turns out, I was already with the best company for my needs, but they didn't just tell me this, they showed my why it was true.

I cannot recommend McClatchy (or its owner, Harold Newbill) highly enough. They are honest, their prices are fair, and they put the customer first.
Alan B. Avatar
Alan B.
5 star ratingHarold and his team at McClatchy are true professionals and they know their stuff. They have helped me navigate the world of insurance for my businesses as well as my autos and home policies. They are detail oriented and I am confident that I have the best coverages and policies available. I had a challenge with one policy awhile back, and they stepped right up, took care of things and made it easy for me. Great agency.
Gregg A. Avatar
Gregg A.
5 star ratingI produce aerial and acrobatic circus entertainment for corporate events. Please take a moment to imagine the complexities of such a strange niche business, and then consider how esoteric the insurance needs are. Is your head spinning yet? Yeah, mine too - that's why I rely so heavily on Dick and Elisabeth, the ONLY professionals I have ever found who can navigate the these treacherous waters with the greatest of ease!
Scott C. Avatar
Scott C.
5 star ratingHarold at McClatchy is the most passionate, knowledgable and friendly agent I've ever had the great privilege of meeting. He is incredibly informative and gives every indication that he's 100% trustworthy. If I were to pick someone to trust in protecting the things in life I've worked so hard for it would most certainly be Harrold!
Raft R. Avatar
Raft R.
5 star ratingI know a good agent, because I've had bad ones. Harold Newbill (the owner) is excellent. And because Harold is excellent, the agency is excellent. Harold is smart, helpful and a great listener. He gets back with you quickly when you leave a message. He's detail oriented -- which is very important with insurance. I'm a very happy customer, and when someone does a good job, I feel obliged to let others know.
Richard K. Avatar
Richard K.
5 star ratingI have worked with Barri, Dick and Harold in the past and have received outstanding service and advice every single time. If you need help with insuring your personal or business property please contact McClatchy Insurance Agency and you will received outstanding service.
Alex G. Avatar
Alex G.
5 star ratingHarold Newbill and the staff at McClatchy Insurance are the best! You won't be disappointed.
John S. Avatar
John S.
5 star ratingHarold and his team at Mclatchy Insurance fantastic! Extreme knowledgeable and always willing to go the extra effort to not only save you money but make sure you are covered which is why your buying insurance in the first place.

Call McClatchy, awesome customer service, every time!

Tony V. Avatar
Tony V.
5 star ratingHarold and his team are top notch when it comes to finding the perfect product to solve your insurance needs! They are very personable and always put you first. Highly recommend!
Matt T. Avatar
Matt T.
Met Harold today and was impressed by him and his operations. He is genuine and detail oriented and I never felt rushed so it is no wonder that he works in a comforting environment with good people. Really looks to have a good thing going there. I signed on today and hope to do more business with McClatchy Agency in the future. Thank You!
Rick S. Avatar
Rick S.
I have known Harold Newbill for about 22 years and had nothing but first class experiences with him as a professional insurance agent. I would recommend working with him and McClatchy Insurance Agency for any of your insurance needs. He is very knowledgeable and professional.
Christina Snyder Avatar
Christina Snyder
We’ve done business with McClatchy and Harold for years. Highly recommended.
Thomas Cregger Avatar
Thomas Cregger
I've coordinated my auto and renter's insurance with Harold and McClatchy Insurance since January 2015. Harold and his staff personally took the time to sit down with me, assess my risk tolerance, and make strong personalized recommendations based on my current lifestyle. I feel very fortunate to have a personalized connection with an agent of his knowledge, experience, and dependability and would recommend his company to anyone looking for the same.
Trevor D. Avatar
Trevor D.
I have been a happy client with the McClatchy family for a long time. I love the great customer service they offer my Business. I appreciate the McClatchy family for what they do.
Fonzie Idris Avatar
Fonzie Idris
5 star ratingI've been working with McClatchy Insurance Agency for 2 years and have had nothing but great experiences with their staff. Jeff handles my business insurance and is the most knowledgeable agent I've dealt with! Michelle took care of my rental insurance and she is also wonderful to work with and very knowledgeable. When I first walked into their office I was offered coffee and was seen immediately after. Harold and his team are great, I highly recommend McClatchy for any of your insurance needs.
Nick M. Avatar
Nick M.
Dick has been the most effective insurance agent we’ve used thus far. In our line of business it is often when we’ve imposed on him timelines that are nearly impossible. Not sure how he does it every time but he pulls through whenever we’re in a jam and need insurance within the hour. I would recommend Dick Lemon to all of my friends or collegues who are looking for a dependable and knowledgeable insurance agent. He’s the master at his trade!
Tiffiny Ruegner Avatar
Tiffiny Ruegner
Offers reasonable packages and rates. Easy to work with.
Diana Jahns Avatar
Diana Jahns
Great customer service!!! McClatchy Insurance Agency saved me about 400.00 the first year I switched to them. The team of people here really know what they are doing. We increased my coverage with less money. I was with Allstate before for over 22 years. I am super happy with McClatchy and I would recommend you give them an opportunity to quote your insurance needs.
Tony V. Avatar
Tony V.
If you are looking for a local insurance company you can trust look no further. Harold Newbill and his agents are top-notch professionals. You will always get an honest answer and above all they are very competitive. I would recommend any small business to call them first for a quote.
Veronika M. Avatar
Veronika M.
If your insurance agent is just doing the bare minimum, you might think about calling Harold to review your current situation. He’s honest and he’s a man you can trust.
Lisa Ollar Avatar
Lisa Ollar
I highly recommend Harold's business as a full-service insurance provider. Harold and his staff have extensive knowledge in the business backed up by many years of experience. Harold, personally cares about his clients. I like working with him because he gives his individual attention to each and every client of his which is huge in the era of the virtual world.
Litsa P. Avatar
Litsa P.
Harold has been extremely knowledgeable and efficient in all that our company has had him handle for us. We are now covered at a great rate, and have a knowledgeable staff behind us if we ever have concerns! Highly recommended!
Ashley T. Avatar
Ashley T.
Harold is very detail-oriented, and has a wealth of knowledge in the insurance industry. He has surrounded himself with a highly competent and attentive staff, and has done a great job with my company’s insurance needs.
Jim Wardlow Avatar
Jim Wardlow
5 star ratingFor the finest, fastest, most efficient service from knowledgeable people you MUST see Harold Newbill and his professional associates. Insurance sales and service at its finest.
Roy W. Avatar
Roy W.
Harold is a person with whom you want to conduct business. He’s knowledgeable, pleasant, and works hard. I’ve known Harold for years through our membership and active participation in the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of California (IIABCal). We have also worked on projects together.
Rich Hallock Avatar
Rich Hallock
Harold and his organization are some of the most professional, well-trained insurance people in the industry. You couldn’t ask for a better business and personal relationship than the one Harold and his people will provide!
Mike Young Avatar
Mike Young
I have worked with Harold for the past several years, I have worked on several different projects with his staff and I find all them to be professional and informative. They have always put the client’s needs above all else. They provide the service and types of homeowners’ insurance that the other “bigger” companies cannot provide along with hands on help and advice for making the right decisions about protecting your home and personal property!
Troy B. Avatar
Troy B.
5 star ratingHarold and his staff helped me get a better policy more coverage at a better rate for a commercial building. For fast efficient service Harold is the guy. Thank you.
Chris L. Avatar
Chris L.
5 star ratingHarold Newbill and his staff are knowledgeable about the products they offer and the companies they represent, and they provide outstanding customer service. Highly recommend.
Alan B. Avatar
Alan B.
Being a business owner, I know value when I see it! The complete package is what you will get with Harold at McClatchy Insurance. He is always professional, timely and by far, the best insurance agent in Sacramento. I have been a client for 15 years and cant imagine that anyone else can provide such personalized service. Thank you Harold.
Steve Morrow Avatar
Steve Morrow
I have known Harold all of his life. I have had my insurance with McClatchy for over 30 years. I am thrilled he has bought the business from his father and will bring his innovative ideas to McClatchy Insurance.
Lilllian Fulton Avatar
Lilllian Fulton
I really like Harold. He’s a good insurance broker and a good person, I currently have more than 10 policies with his company and would recommend him to any person needing insurance services.
Daniel Ramsey Avatar
Daniel Ramsey
I am extremely delighted and grateful to have Harold as my Insurance Agent. “While you hope never to have to use your insurance, it sure is nice to have it when necessary.” This is how I felt when my house was broken into the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. It was terrifying to see all my belonging thrown around the house with many of them missing. My first call was to Harold. He came over right away. As both my friend and my insurance agent, Harold helped me stay calm and look around. He is an expert and helped me understand the procedures and various rules on stolen goods. Thankfully Harold had encouraged my husband to get extra insurance on my jewelry. Due to this, I was able to get 100% of my missing jewelry covered, which would not have happened without the extra insurance on the policy. Together Harold and I made a list of all that was stolen. McClatchy was very easy to work with. With just a little paperwork, I was reimbursed for my lost belongings and was able to put my home back together. I highly recommend Harold and his company. I don’t know what I would have done without him.
Julie Willsie Avatar
Julie Willsie
Harold is an incredible service provider and the best at what he does. Having worked with him as my family has continued to grow and change he has always made sure that the right pieces are in place at the right time at the best cost. I value and trust his judgment as an expert in the field and know when he makes a recommendation it comes with experience, research and looking out for mine, my family’s, and my previous business’s best interests.
Matthew K. Weiner Avatar
Matthew K. Weiner
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