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Meet the McClatchy Insurance Agency Team!

Are you working with the insurance team that has the education and experience needed to tailor your insurance to your needs? 

McClatchy Insurance Agency Sacramento Since 1927

Our outstanding insurance advisors and account managers have been providing top quality customer service, tailored insurance coverage and advice for over 93 years. How do we do that? By having an educated and motivated team ready to help you get the coverage you need and the advice and service that will be there when you have a question or when a claim takes place. At McClatchy each team member makes a commitment to insurance education to ensure we have the latest knowledge of the companies appetites and coverage that translates to value for you.

We ensure every team member’s continuing education includes annual courses that lead toward designations including Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC), Certified Insurance Service Representative (CISR) and Certified Authority on Workers’ Compensation program (CAWC). We put that knowledge and expertise to work for you. 

When you are looking to have an advisor that is versed in the insurance needs that will bring value and security to your business, your commercial property your home and more, the McClatchy team is here to provide you top notch service and advice!

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Our Wonderful Team of Advisors

Harold Newbill
Insurance Advisor

License #0E59355

Harold specializes in commercial property, professional liability, and other business insurance programs. He believes that assessing risks is the most valuable service he brings to his clients. A leader in the Navy, Harold prides himself on setting a good example as a lifelong learner.

Phone (916) 488-4702 Ext. 412
Fax (916) 488-2336
Email harold@mcclatchyins.com

William Newbill
Insurance Advisor

License #0684845

A longtime leader in the Insurance community, McClatchy Insurance Agency’s Bill has been in the business since 1968. With this in-depth industry knowledge, he specializes in commercial property, professional liability as well as tailored business and personal insurance solutions.

Phone (916) 488-4702 Ext. 411
Fax (916) 488-2336
Email bill@mcclatchyins.com

Dick Lemon
Insurance Advisor

License #0A53400

Dick brings decades of experience as an agent and broker to his clients. He works closely with the local business community, helping his clients find comprehensive and customized insurance solutions—whether it is protecting their family, business, or investments.

Phone (916) 488-4702 Ext. 415
Fax (916) 488-2336
Email dick@mcclatchyins.com

Thomas Mathews
Insurance Advisor

License #0287985

The Mathews name has become synonymous with providing Commercial Property, Vehicle Fleet, Professional Liability, including Errors & Omissions and Malpractice Insurance. Tom has the experience and staff to find solutions for the most challenging insurance situations.

Phone (916) 488-4702 Ext. 419
Fax (916) 488-2336
Email tom@mcclatchyins.com

Angeliquea Passaglia
Insurance Advisor

License #0A19610

Angeliquea works independently helping families obtain Life, Health and Benefits Insurance to protect their families. “You only need to hand-deliver one life insurance claim check to believe in what I do”. She speaks to the hearts of her clients and is able to guide them easily though the process.

Phone (916) 488-4702 Ext. 414
Fax (916) 488-2336
Email angeliquea@mcclatchyins.com

Our Wonderful Service Team

Shelley Self
Commercial Lines Account Manager

Phone (916) 488-4702 Ext. 416
Fax (916) 488-2336
Email shelley@mcclatchyins.com

Kathy Smith
Commercial Lines Account Manager

Phone (916) 488-4702 Ext. 415
Fax (916) 488-2336
Email kathy@mcclatchyins.com

Barri Whitaker
Personal Lines Account Manager

Phone (916) 488-4702 Ext. 420
Fax (916) 488-2336
Email barri@mcclatchyins.com

Caleb Brophy
Agency Reception and Support

Phone (916) 488-4702
Fax (916) 488-2336
Email reception@mcclatchyins.com

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McClatchy Insurance Agency Sacramento

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